Walking Away

Posted on May 24, 2014


Walking Away

Picture courtesy of itz5.deviantart.com

Once again you let
her down
Making her the fool,
the clown

And as ever she takes it
with grace
For very soon she’ll be far
from this place

The games you play bore
her to tears
She’s fed up of your insecurity
and fears

Pushing her far for no
reason at all
Who is the real clown, who
is the fool?

Do you realise all that
you do?
Do you really have
any clue?

She’s cares little
now anyway
She’s used to this
day after day

Skin so thick, the she no
longer bleeds
The wounds long healed
that can no longer be seen

She now focuses on
To be free from her
personal hell

So you’ll be a memory
in your lonely life
With no friends to
ever confide

Maybe one day you’ll
grow and learn
No longer feeling the
need to crash and burn

Then who knows, acceptance
of the past
And friends once more with
a future to last?

Until then she’ll
carry on
She has a life to live
And shan’t put a foot wrong

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