Born of Fire/Dreams of Fire

Posted on May 24, 2014


Stirling, Scotland

Stirling in Scotland taken by the author Darren Greenidge

The flame ignited by passions
By what has been recently
Mountains, rivers, waterfalls
And the sea spreading far, I
yearn for more

Yet the bait been set and trap’s
laid fresh
To cull those dream’s before
I draw breath
As options arise in sneaky
Filling the mind with deceit
and lies

And then comes back the
castle and fields
The views unspoilt as I
raise my shield
Another crossroads I’ll
yet cross
And wonder if there’ll
be a cost?

For voices from the past
lay their dissent
Bringing up old ghosts long
laid to rest
The bitterness still tastes
in the mouth
Of past shadows that
haunt this house

But faith still in the
Born of fire from all
that’s been
Seven broken years in
the wait
As the dreams of fire ready in
silence to bolt the gate

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