Posted on Mar 12, 2014


He’s dreaming again of moving away
To start afresh, that brand new day
Three places special to him
where life can start for him once again

Scotland is a place he’s aimed to be
Edinburgh a place he knows he can be free
The winding streets, the little wynds
history and culture, so much to be seen

A short trip away he’s up in the highlands
mountains, lochs, and golden sands
Deer roam free, the stag graceful
the monarch of the glen so beautiful

The wind whispers his name across the miles
his heart breaks as does his smile
For he’s stuck in his own hell
no-one cares, no-one can tell

What does he expect though from anyone
A helping hand, right words not undone
Excuses and fear rule his heart and soul
he wonders if he’ll escape this hell-hole?

No-one will arrive with a box full of cheer
with everything inside to guide him clear
For he’s in destiny’s hands, fate’s embrace
he’ll follow them until he finds his happy place

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