Shallow Ghosts

Posted on Dec 3, 2013



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Hear not the shallow ghosts
The words they whisper
False and empty
Draining your good
Spirit dry

These heathen lost souls
Take not their words
Of lies
But take heart in all
You strive

Go forth, stand stout
In all
And cry no more slave!
Cry no more!

Hear them not! Begone!
Tell them away from your soul
Your light
Tainted with their darkness

Begone shallow ghosts!
Away your daemonic words
This day, this life

And pray, shine forth
The light
Thou beacon to combat
The darkness

In the souls of all
Who oppose you
For the words of lies
Of devilish deceit

Shall no more take hold
Your mortal soul
Free thyself from
Them, these shallow ghosts

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