Mountain Hideaway

Posted on Oct 2, 2013


Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland

Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland taken by the author, Darren Greenidge

A mountain hideaway he does want
away from his past that continues to haunt
The ghosts won’t leave him alone
his life they continue to roam

No escape from them he continues to see
all from his past why don’t they leave him be!?
He just wants a peaceful life
somewhere he can live and thrive

But there where his past is alive
cutting into his heart with a cold knife
He can see no way out from them
for they block his path again and again

A mountain hideaway by the sea
is what he wants and always has been
Seals and dolphins he would watch with awe
content and happy like never before

But he’s denied this by forces unknown
every morning he awakes with a moan
He’s lost his way, strayed from the path
his ghosts with him always, oh how they laugh

Will no-one rescue him from this torture
or will he be imprisoned by this culture
One that traps him like the walking dead
barely alive, barely fed

Only his image of his mountain hideaway
keeps him from falling completely some say
As he struggles on with a sad smile
his ghosts never far all the while

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