Laying Ghosts (To Rest)

Posted on Sep 22, 2013


Laying Ghosts to Rest

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She can’t move on
even though she tries
It’s so hard
she does find
First though
she has to deal with
the past
Laying ghosts (to rest)

For forwards she can’t go
if back she is stuck
No future to be had
for her no such luck
So she tries all
she can
to put all behind her
For she has many plans

Bored is she of the same
old thing
going nowhere staying there
Her heart doesn’t sing
Opportunities she has
But stuck in a hell
forever, so unfair

She could take a risk
up and leave
go where she wants to
But she has to believe
A huge thing this is
for her
to leave all behind
A lot she has to learn

It’s all about
laying ghosts (to rest)
Doing all you can
at the most your best
She knows this within
her heart
She just needs a break
to step on that new path

…That new sea
and sail away
sail away
on an ocean of dreams…

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