Crescendo No. 2

Posted on Aug 24, 2013



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He can feel it in his bones
that quite music building up
Low rumbles of the drums
growing, growing, not enough

Stuck in F minor for so long
the same dull old notes being played
Now a change as new ones are tapped
building to something new and great

There, another instrument joins in
another note is struck!
Suddenly a new tune sounds out
crescendo no.2 runs with lady luck

Building now, growing in anticipation
of what’s to come so very soon
Building to something amazing
to a new and wonderful tune

BOOM! The peaceful tones have gone
as the crescendo builds into a rush
This sound of excitement renewed
this new piece breathes life into the hush

Finally it’s reached it’s climax
suddenly he feels alive
The music is all around him
inside and forever by his side

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