Fortune Cookie

Posted on Aug 4, 2013


Fortune Cookie

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She grabs a Chinese on her
way home from a night out
Staggering home in a mood
so strange, but what about?

Maybe it’s to do with her
job, the usual thing?
Or maybe it’s to do with
her empty life and what it brings?

Or maybe it’s to do with the
fortune cookie she did open
The message it said inside
A future she blindly gropes

Single and living alone
struggling to pay the bills
Everything gone up sky-high
A nightmare her life is still

But the cookie says all will
be well sometime soon
She just has to follow her heart
and watch her life bloom

But as she wolf’s down her
sweet and sour chicken
She sees no way out for
all she gets is a kickin’

The reason why is because
of money and what it brings
How can she meet anyone if
prices go up on everything

All it leaves is for her
to work and go home
Once a month if she’s lucky
to go out, but usually she’s alone

She’ll try to believe in the
fortune cookie and what it said
For if she loses her belief in
happiness, she may as well be dead

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