Why the Fool?

Posted on Aug 3, 2013



Picture courtesy of stuffkit.com

Why the fool does she play
doing the right thing makes her day
But when she does those things for others
she’s slated by those nasty mother’s

All she wants is to breeze through life
no hassles from anyone, those that snide
Is it too much to ask for this
because time is ticking, a life she’ll miss

All this started from one thing
she wanted to do a nice deed
But all she got was moans and groans
it felt like she was being hit by stones

Her anger rose from the first grumble
in her rage, she almost did stumble
She wanted to throw her plate
this wouldn’t satisfy her inner hate

Why, she asks herself can’t they be still
these people who push her so she keels
Tempted she was to pack her bags, go off
who knows where, she cares not

Taken advantage of all the time
her savings, her future, they take blind
For their greed, their selfishness is all they see
they don’t look at her, at her troubles to free

For in reality they don’t care
they would leave her to rot and just stare
For this her family who does this to her
her friends too, in dark places they do lurk

Why do they continue to hurt her so
why the fool does she play to go
Used and abused she always is
no help for her, no perfect bliss…

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