Down Deep

Posted on Jul 24, 2013


Woman Rising

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She’s down deep, down so low
stuck on the ocean bed, she did bleed
He came into her life, helping her to grow
raising her heart from the deep

Now that she’s at the top
the sun shining in her eyes
Put there by him in a shot
into her heart, into her life

She feels free, soars so high
capable of anything now she knows
As her spirit flies above the sky
he feels her happiness does show

Gone are the negative thoughts she had
put to the death at the quick
No more focusing on the bad
no more that feeling of being sick

She hopes this feeling lasts a lifetime
so she can do all she wants to
For if it doesn’t it would be a crime
then back to feeling the blues

For this is her drug of choice
the need to feel loved and special
To free that hidden inner voice
is for her the best of all

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