Anger’s Call

Posted on Jun 24, 2013


Deep in thought

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You pretend you’re in love
but he knows the truth
Nervous of him are you
he knows your weaknesses too

Not intent on destroying him
others in the loop
Coming after you they are
to cut your soul in two

He’s gonna relish the pain
he’ll put your heart in
Pandora’s Box you’ve opened
paving the way for a mortal sin

Pray to whomever to save yourself
leaving him like this
You’re gonna feel his pain
tenfold, never again

Prepare to suffer the way he is now
‘coz there’s no turning back in this world
Your soul is his to tear apart
as you did with his heart

He is ruled my anger’s call
A heart now twisted and cruel
You have made him what he is
blame is yours, this you didn’t envisage

So reap now what you have sown
your life now you’ve blown
The effects are widespread
this’ll never leave your head

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