The Patriot – Part 3

Posted on Jun 8, 2013


*This is the third and final part of the trilogy of the Patriot and his journey through war, violence and hate.

Adolf Hitler reviewing a Reich Labour Service (RAD) parade, Zeppelin Field, Nürnberg, Germany, Sep 1937. Picture courtesy of

Adolf Hitler reviewing a Reich Labour Service (RAD) parade, Zeppelin Field, Nürnberg, Germany, Sep 1937. Picture courtesy of

Twenty years after he first fought and war starts again
an even bigger threat rears its ugly head
This time it’s about decimation of all, devil sent
A power hungry dictator wants so many dead

He swore he wouldn’t get involved again ever
but this war is different from the last big one
His country refuses this war to enter
for the hate is still strong, so he picks up again a gun

The threat he knows is beyond evil to atone
the devil incarnate brings death to all
He said he’ll leave his country alone
but this principled patriot is no fool

So once again he fights for his so-called enemy
who now he doesn’t hate anymore
He may now be living in a divided country
sectarianism and different laws

But he knows peace one day will come to his homeland
even if it takes a hundred years it will be
For his head is no longer buried in the sand
he fights a greater threat so his people can be free

Five years later he returns home a captain, once again
the same ignorance still thrives, but he’s okay with that
Another hell he has seen, the innocent he did defend
sent back a year before the end with injuries he had

People starved to death in prison camps he saw
thousands buried, mutilated and naked they were
Murdered beyond the rules of war and law
this wrath will be felt for ever, vengeance will incur

POW Camp Shirokaya Street 1942 * courtesy of

POW Camp Shirokaya Street 1942 * courtesy of

So much horror he has seen in all his forty-seven years
he hopes to see no more, his shop he’ll now run
So much wasted life, all for ignorance, hate and fear
all taken by mankind’s evil, the power they do run

Now in his sixties, time has passed in a blink
war has returned to his country, as has the old hate
Time ticks on with sadness in him as he ages and thinks
the war in the north forever goes on, blood will never sate

The seventies arrive and nothings changed these years long
wars at home and abroad still go on in blindness
But it’s the war on his homeland, across the pond
that saddens him and breaks his heart the most

For he has friends there and grandchildren too
cousins and comrades, the latter now as old as he
Now the eighties have arrived, bombs on the mainland boom
killing the innocent once again by his countrymen to be free

But he feels ashamed of them, not knowing what true war is
what it feels like to be in a hell by true evil seen
These so-called patriots, feed off hate and fear
just like those he fought against decades ago, for real belief

Now in his late nineties, closing in on a ton
the new century closing in, will there be peace
In his old home, forgotten by everyone
he hopes and keeps his belief

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

No-one knows much of his life, or what he did
his past long forgotten, by most of his friends
He’s just an old man who people tolerated
not seeing the medals he earned, his country in defence

He dies just after he sees a peace that comes to his home
it’s still not perfect but better that nothing for now
One day unity will finally happen, his dream not gone
as his spirit now at peace, buried in his beloved town

*So ends the trilogy of the Patriot that I hoped you liked. It’ll be a while before I attempt anything as big as this again. Please find below links of all mention in this part of the Patriot.

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