Seals to the Slaughter

Posted on May 18, 2013


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Read today about baby seals
being clubbed again
Their blood spills on snows
they stare wide-eyed, can’t defend

So scared are they, so scared
not knowing what they’ve done
So trusting are they, unprepared
killed under a cold sun

These pups look white coats run red
in the white of the snow
Battered and torn, bodies and heads
humans deliver the blow

Sickening sights we all do see
across the Earth
Why can’t we just let them be
why aren’t our voices heard

The killers though hear their screams
as they cruelly batter them to death
Those big soft eyes stare in disbelief
at the worst animal of all this planet it treads

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Leave them alone you sick vile people
you simply have no right
Listen to nature and our call
don’t your humanity lose sight

Seals to the slaughter so cruel
pups blood runs all the time
Through the snow and the earth too
why is this not a crime?

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