Posted on May 15, 2013


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She awakes in her warm bed with a sense
that something isn’t right
Her partner next to her, her love was immense
for him should wanted to fight

But now a change has come her way
a dream of someone else
She feels with them she’s lived another day
never before she’s felt

She wonders who he is and what he fights for
does he love another
Or is he alone, searching too for destiny’s core
for that perfect lover

She’s built up a life of him in her mind
perfect is it she has imagined
She believes him to be amazing and kind
this fantasy she is frightened

A life she has and people she loves dear
but restless she’s been now
For a long time, a trickle of a tear
this she cannot allow

But as much as she tries to bury it away
it just won’t let go
She’ll picture him in her arms forever days
the seed has now flowered and grown

Is this fantasy or reality she does not know
she feels though sure
That he is one that would make her grow
she feeds the dream more

For the seed is now sown

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