A Lost Soul

Posted on May 15, 2013


Picture courtesy of mysteriousuniverse.org

Picture courtesy of mysteriousuniverse.org

This girl he knows is a broken bow
the arrow never falls far he knows
For she shows the world a bubbly side
but he knows different, what she hides

He tries to help her from her hole
deepest dark that she does crawl
But in a bottle she does immerse
she feels like she is alone in her curse

She seeks help in private talks
where most of us would stop short
But a wasteful hour it does seem
for no answers does it gleam

She cries to him about her life
as she tells him all most of the night
But her problems do run deep
he made promises he should keep

For him a problem or deep sadness
is one to bury or enter madness
For her she wears it on her sleeve
she’s so lost, forever will grieve

All he can do is listen to her close
be a friend, what she needs at the most
For no-one else does she now have around
they have left or deep in the ground

Young is she and seems full of life
tragedy follows her, this her blight
She thinks that all is against her too
a lost soul she is, needing a happy tune

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