The Secret

Posted on May 8, 2013


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The sun shines as he sits watching the world go by
people rush past in a hurry, picks up his coffee and sighs
He stares at them unseeing as they all pass
this day goes unnoticed as does he behind the mask

He thinks of where he’ll be this time next year
will he ever overcome and be free of his fears?
Something though sits dark within his soul
A secret that can never be told

From across the street in a cafe sits a girl
she’s watching the boy with his coffee he blows, then swirls
Sitting alone, been eying him up now for the past hour
he just sits and stares at nothing in particular

All she wants to do is go over and speak to him
but something holds her back as she absently plays with her bling
She thinks that he looks lost and without hope
ideas and images form in her mind, wondering if he can cope?

She thinks on, guessing what may be wrong with this boy
little realising that he has seen her looking without joy
For in his heart rests heavy news that he must break
but he knows deep down he cannot do so for his family’s sake

He wonders what the girl is thinking, staring at him like that
how he wishes he could talk to her, a stranger to unload, to chat
But no-one ever listens to him when he needs to talk
for people in his opinion are selfish, with him they balk

So for now the secret must be buried in his heart and soul
this is something he cannot let free, proportions blown
He’ll just carry the weight on his shoulders as he always does
it’s how he has always been, he has to rise above…

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