Fallen Angel

Posted on May 4, 2013


Picture courtesy of www.fanpop.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

There she is across the bar
with friends in a party
She’s so close yet so far
and her laugh is full and hearty

He looks at her with awe
his eyes do on her stay
Her beauty should be against all laws
for arrested he feels this day

Her long flowing hair
black as night
Lost in it he stares
at this raven’s beauty tonight

Yet sad he feels, out of reach
this dark angel he does see
So many things could she teach
he would never be free

Then in an instant all is gone
the magic moment lost
His confused mind lost its song
he wonders at what cost?

He sees something, he’s so sure
maybe a trick of the light
Wings of heavenly flaw
A fallen angel in his sights

He stops to breath, catch his breath
one drink too many he decrees
His friends tease him to death
but none of them really sees

Then she turns and looks at him
A brief moment in time
Suddenly all melts away, everything
as her eyes to him do shine

And into his soul they do look
this beautiful fallen angel’s song
He feels her looking inside deep, hooked
and it’s over in an instant, she’s gone

And he knows he’ll never see er again…

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