This Scarred Land

Posted on Apr 30, 2013


*The following is inspired by the great Watership Down by Richard Adams, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and William Horwood’s Duncton stories all of which I highly recommend. Works of beauty all. Anything by William Horwood is worth reading. I shall leave links at the end for their books. I may do two more as a follow-up to this? I shall see on any comments and likes as well as where I can take it to next?

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Metal boxes rumble
on by
Sprouting smoke
into the sky
Choking snouts
then run away
Or caught in bright
eyes that ensnares life it slays

Whilst above great
birds fly
Leaving a trail way
up high
scattering frightened
life below
As they burrow deep
in holes

Giant beasts claw
the earth
Killing, maiming
all they hurt
These monsters
scar the land
What they wonder
is their plan?

Warm, small bodies
shiver in fright
Away from these
and out of sight
No more blood shall
fall tonight…

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