The Journey Home

Posted on Apr 18, 2013


Humpback Whales courtesy of

Humpback Whales courtesy of

It’s that time again when he goes on his epic trip
to a place left long ago, his heart does miss
So begins the journey home, whence he came
driven out long ago, the need for food to blame

So off he goes with family and friends on their quest
far away from all distractions, no time to rest
Many weeks do they travel in the open seas
avoiding hunters of all kinds, they do plead

They communicate to all who can hear, encouragement
the love and understanding they share, a driving sentiment
They scan the areas below and also above the sea
for kings of the sea they are, Whales they be

Beached Whales courtesy of

Beached Whales courtesy of

Dolphins swim by them in peace and playful joy
keeping a respectful distance, if a little coy
They are cousins and share the same ways
both keep a careful eye for sharks and man these days

But a noise does confuse their sonar as they close to home
sending one whale off, alone does it roam
Off it goes lost and confused by the sound of boats
beached by man’s ignorance, it dies, sand in its throat

And the cries go unheard but not out to sea
not by some of us who try to set them free

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