Beauty’s Pain

Posted on Mar 24, 2013


She’s so beautiful that girl in the street
Watching her move, a body so sweet
A face so angelic she seems so pure
Think I’m falling for her, I need the cure

She’s so addictive it’s so untrue
All men want her, step in the queue
She knows she is watched from afar,
But all she does is flirt again and laugh

She hides her true feelings by the way that she flirts
The pain is unbearable as it always hurts
It hurts me too because I feel it so much
All I want is to feel her warm electric touch

Talking to her is so damn hard to do
Feel trapped like a submarine crew
If she would only give me a chance
Forever and ever we would dance

But she plays her game, the price of fame
This is but beauty’s pain
In her heart she’s empty and lost
She plays on to her eternal cost

And mine too
Dear lord, feel my blues
Beauty’s pain
The devil’s gain

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