Politician’s Playthings

He sniffs the air, ah the sweet smell of success
This way it comes to him in excess
He the controller, the man who knows
The whiskey makes his cheeks glow

These fools won’t know what’s hit them
Oh how their anger shall vent
But they won’t do a thing to him
They are sheep, just small playthings

All are the same in his control
To do with as he pleases, trapped in a bowl
No escape for them these small fishes flapping
Out of the water struggling to breathe, life sapping

This brings him pleasure to have so much power
From his high seat does he smile but glower
Those fools of sheep shall do as they’re told
No trouble will he allow, none so bold

They lack courage and a sense of code
To make that decision, to take that road
They’re too scared you see to lose all they are
All they own, it’s a step too far

For greed is what keeps them in place
Given to them by a nameless face
They the fools lap it up
Their lives not their own, no such luck

‘So do as your told you slaves of mine
Or I’ll tax you and give you a large fine’

He says this with such childish glee
They have not resources to turn and flee

This the way it’s always been
And always shall be

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