Sprite’s of Spring

Posted on Mar 5, 2013


The little girl goes off to bed
darkness now come
As she cuddles her friend Ted
ready to sleep until the rise of the sun

She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
but it won’t come at all
She fidgets and turns in her need
it’s then that she hears the call

To the window she moves in haste
squinting her eyes in the gloom
There she sees lights that race
singing a wondrous tune

They fly and dance before her eyes
colours changing as she looks on
Swishing through the sky
and down to her garden in beautiful song

Her mouth agape, she watches in awe
as they land on her grass
Dancing and playing some more
she hope this will forever last

Then one flies up to her window
and she sees it properly for the first time
This little winged person glows
smiling at her, bathing her in warming light

Suddenly she knows them all
knows what they are
For they have awakened to a call
these Sprites of Spring from afar

They whisper to her beautiful things
telling her to always believe
Magic and happiness they bring
for all who wish to see

And then it’s over as they go
lights out and darkness again descends
Suddenly tired to bed, she knows
she’ll see them one day again

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