Karma Kickback

Posted on Feb 28, 2013


She awoke with a banging head
as the sunlight hurt her eyes, feeling dead
She’d been a fool for a day
in which partly herself did she betray

She always falls into the same old trap
so no wonder she sometimes snaps
Trying to escape the circle she’s in
yet all she sees is life’s litter-bin

Then there’s the handful who run away
and some who with her a nasty game they play
Yet she believes through all this she’ll be fine
she just has to believe in herself and time

As for those that keep her down
she’ll no longer in front of them drown
For karma kickback will come their way
and will pay them back as does fate

There’s one that’s a constant in this
words and a knife that they twist
She’s never understood why this is so
but karma will have its day, this she knows…

Posted in: Poetry