Council Clowns and Lego Houses

Posted on Feb 20, 2013


Builders banging, tearing away
Destroying the old, renewing again
Regeneration not always good
Some things should be left as they should

A five hundred year old house torn down
Beams and thatch as ordered by council clowns
Just to build yet more lego homes
That people can ill afford on pennies alone

Whilst shops lay empty in cities and towns
And people struggle with work, in debt they drown
These buildings lay derelict for many years
Eventually torn down with little tears

They could’ve been used to regenerate
Kept much the same as yesterday
A little work to spruce them up
Just a little tender love

Whilst many are forced from their homes
Others live in hostels scared and alone
Some live rough and go through hell
Oh how they have stories to tell

Then there’s an influx of many from afar
Yet no jobs or homes from the start
Silent voices go unheard
Lego houses rise, nothing is learned

Is it ever
Is it ever…

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