Posted on Feb 20, 2013


Tony Mutton

She threw feathers from a roof and watched them fly
as a charm of finches dreamt and a heart cried
She heard the rain fall on the corrugations of her soul,
sounding like kettle drums when a timpanist played

She had asked of herself the strength to fly the storm
feeling small as the wind swirled the compass points
But it was the crow that awakened when she called
and murder flew on the wings of her plundered heart

Shot from a long bow straight she had not seen
the hand of her lover draw the string without pause
Nor did she see the arrow or hear its sound before
the dart of the Devils cupid split her heart in two

Where pain was measured in lightning strikes
she felt she had been struck a thousand times
When thunder roared it would echo deep within her body
and each time…

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