Patriots Flag

Posted on Feb 16, 2013


Union Jack falling away
Two hundred years of yesterday’s
History made and things done wrong
Told in books and in song

A patriotism not that old
Leaves some of us very cold
Whilst others loudly revel in it
As others hark for times to a shadowy mist

It means little to many anyway
Just a flag in the breeze that sways
Whilst some burn it or even worse
Like childish bullies they never learn

A flag a symbol for all they hate
For others it’s something to celebrate
To me it’s a cloth and nothing else
I neither hate nor love this patriots hell

I’ll leave that to the fools that follow like sheep
Who do as they’re told and told what to believe
Trained from an early age what to say and do
So others can reach power and wealth soon

Then they’ll leave them out in the cold
Disillusioned and angry, fear takes hold
Minions they are who’ll never be free
Trapped in false ideals, propaganda and conformity

Patriotism doesn’t put food on the table
Nor does it find work for those who are able
It’s just propaganda to control the weak
For others who want power and wealth to seek

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