Rush Hour

Posted on Feb 15, 2013


Rush Hour started again
Same old thing every day
Crazy people pushing and a-shoving
Briefcases held up in defence from pain

A continued fight every morning
Stressed by the time they arrive
As the day starts off bad
People forget manners, so impolite

By the time lunch hour comes
Like horses they bolt free
To the pub or elsewhere for a drink
Away from the stress and the grief

Then it’s back tot he mill
Stress levels rise again
Roll on five o’clock
ready for the rush hour and self-defence

Finally it comes in a rush
And sardine moments start again
Funny smells and rudeness
From which there is no defence

Home you are to chill and relax
At least for some anyway
For a few hours of broken sleep
So ends and begins another day

Roll on the weekend
Come this way please
Sunny days with those you love
And ice-creams; calmness of the sea

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