What! How Can This Be?

Posted on Feb 5, 2013


Been away for a while
Left behind letters and bulging files
In for a shock when she got back
The postman left her a nasty sack

What! How can this be?
How did this happen when by the sea
Has she had squatters staying the night?
Because those letters gave her a fright

One bill isn’t right
For she’s been away for many nights
Yet it’s more than when she is in
To hell with it, thrown in the bin!

Shocked she is in more ways than one
She’s better of living by the warm sun
As prices soar to new heights
On other countries she now has her sights

Her own country rips her off
It’s no wonder everyone is lost
How can people be expected to survive
When governments let bills forever rise

How do the old and the low paid manage
on this ever-growing crowded planet
No money to help the needy
Only for those on high, the ever greedy

Always the same
Nothing changes

Posted in: Poetry