Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Posted on Dec 31, 2012


I was toying with the idea of writing a little speech for Christmas Day as an alternative to the Queen’s speech but decided I’d do a New Year’s one instead, so here goes.

This year news-wise has been a mixture of good and bad. Here in the UK it’s been a year of sporting achievements like no other with the Olympics, Tour De France and Wimbledon raising the spirits of a country feeling angry, sad and lost in the way it lives and struggles on day in and day out and especially with its government who continually let it down. Then there was the Queen’s Jubilee that had a surprising turnout and a new-found respect for the Royal family where they hadn’t had before, at least for many decades anyway. The support for them was stronger than the support for the government which says something about Britain today.

But like any drug, the uplift was temporary and we were brought back to earth with a thump watching as the world continues to fight against, distrust and hate each other, always watching with hooded eyes behind closed doors.
Most countries have been divided by its people and governments over the past two years, all trust collapsing like a pack of dominoes as the people in power struggle to hold on to power against an angry people.

Many have lost homes and jobs because of the banks and the government’s gambling with our lives like pieces on a chessboard whilst they sit comfortable in luxury, eating well. None has cared about us and none ever will really as long as they continue to fight over scraps of power and against each other.
Oil is a huge part of this, hence our involvement in the Middle East. Maybe research should be done to find a cleaner, safer and cheaper fuel that would benefit everyone, not the rich and the greedy. Environmental damage and historical sites across the world seem to be increasing over this and many other reasons, all for a fuel that many of us in homes can’t afford to use anyway.

I’m sure that we all know many friends and family who are struggling and have lost faith in politicians the world over. As for religion, it offers no comfort to those that believe in it, although some have an inner strength and hope for better things, which is all you can do really. I was once told that faith, belief and dreams don’t put food on the table and even though true, without that belief in yourself and others, you have nothing; you become an automaton.

So, I for one, have decided to keep my head down and turn away from the false ideals of our would-be leaders and focus on my friends, family and of course, myself, the latter of which has been neglected these past five years, if not much longer. I’ll always be that ear to bend, that shoulder to cry on, that pillar to lean on, but with this blog and a new direction I’m about to take next year, I’m finally stepping onto that path that previously was shrouded in mist and thick fog.

This year hasn’t been the greatest for me on a personal level, nor has it for many that I know, but it did have rays of beautiful light shine through the darkness with two friends getting married, others having children, a few taking off and starting a new life elsewhere, some doing courses and so on and so forth. Many positives in a year of negatives. They have given me hope in a mad, crazy world of lies, betrayal and mistrust, all of which many who know me will tell you, I despise. I never understand anyone who lies or why they do it? It’s like a common cold that spreads through infection, causing others to suffer in some way. Lies have many terrible strands.

That’s why I hate politics and religion I expect; both are full of lies and broken promises which this year has been about the world over.

Recently, the news of the massacre in Connecticut, USA, of the twenty children and six adults killed by a very disturbed young man/boy who obviously needed professional help himself, broke my heart and made me determined never to have kids, or try not to anyway for I don’t know how I would react if one of them was mine. It’s quite simple what has to be done over there which is ban the gun completely, except for the armed forces and for the moment, the police, but it’ll never happen sadly because America is so busy fighting wars with other countries that it has forgotten it has long been at war with itself. I may not like my country sometimes, but at least we’re not all armed to the teeth, otherwise all hell would break loose.
In the news recently, gun sales have risen there in the wake of the massacre, not gone down as paranoia and fear sweeps across the land.
I hope Obama does the right thing and bans them but I suspect that if he does, it’ll be his making and undoing.
Sadly, this will be another case of money over people’s safety and when the next one happens, which it will, maybe then something will be done.

So on that note, I’ll end it with a few words of hope and faith, not in leaders, but the individuals out there, the people who make a difference, who really matter.


For without sorting your own lives out, you are no good to anyone else.

I hope that 2013 is a brilliant year for you all, that you make good decisions in this year and that you become the people you are meant to be. Take that risk, combat those fears or learn to live with them if necessary, believe in yourself if no-one else will and make a difference where possible to yourself or to others, both if you want!
Rise above the tide and fly where your heart yearns to be.
Write that book, that song, that poem. Learn something new, play an instrument, learn to paint or draw, travel somewhere new, do a course in something.
Forgive those that have done you a bad turn, forget or remember but learn from it and all mistakes made.

Happy New Year one and all. Be safe, be strong and above all, be happy
See you on the other side.