Day’s End

Posted on Dec 31, 2012


Whilst people across
time zones party hard
Making merriment with
others, being a part
She sits alone
in her empty flat
Fireworks explode
outside where she’s sat

Nowhere to go
or with anyone at all
She helped so many
but been a fool
Self-imposed in part
her exile is
Tonight’s festivities
has to be missed

From now on
she’ll do things right
Put herself first
seen the light
But today she’ll
be alone
Maybe this is
for the best, being at home

She whispers Happy
New Year
As the clock strikes
Oh to be in a city
away from this hell
Edinburgh, Dublin
or even Cork
He thoughts travel
to there and more

Happy New Year
she whispers
Happy New Year
As she sheds
a lonely tear

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