Posted on Dec 30, 2012


Twenty-Twelve was a funny year
In many ways for me
Not the best or the worst
But the back of it I’ll be glad to see
For personally it was poor
Fighting against the tide
Fought at every turn
But I couldn’t hide

Then there was brief respite
In this country too
From the dark days
To lift us from all bad news
Wimbledon gave great hope
The Tour de France rode to glory
The Olympics shone a torch
These were great stories

As the year closes
I live in hope for better things
Twenty-thirteen a stronger year
And finally magical stories to bring
It’s hope like this that keeps me strong
In the darkest days I encounter
For without hope all is lost
Then you’ll only flounder

Amongst the shining light
Let down by many and one
Although I smiled through gritted teeth
Looking up to stars and sun
Thinking of great things
I’ll achieve
My back turned on twenty-twelve
now to twenty-thirteen

Keep the faith all
Happy New Year

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