Posted on Dec 25, 2012


‘Tis a funny thing
this word
Much spoken
Times heard
That said
in many ways
From truth
to vengeful hate

Then you give
for one you love
Giving all
for the sky above
Because they say
they love you
But in reality
you do lose

For they lie like
others always have
This word drives many
so very bad
Yet a few it
spurs many on
Striving or right
against all that’s wrong

I’ll never know
love of mind and soul
Never fill that
darkest hole
Searched since five
and early age
What I look for
far too late

Love, this the rule that
should be lived
In something that
we should all believe
For if we fail in
Love and war
What’s the point,
What’s it all for?

I’ll search in vain
for the holy grail
Love unfound
beyond pail
Not my destiny
yet my path
This the journey
This my path

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