What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

Posted on Dec 23, 2012


Picture courtesy of www.everythingwolf.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.everythingwolf.com

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Late morning,’ says the Wolf
as he runs and hides

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Midday,’ says he
as shots ring out and
his pack scatters

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Evening,’ says he sadly,
as he looks at the carnage
about him, metal teeth drawing

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Too late,’ says the Wolf
with tears in his eyes, now
the last of his kind as the
hunter takes aim…

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

No more howls
Time has run out…

*If you’re interested in wolf conservation, go online and try UK Wolf Conservation Trust, International Wolf Centre, Wolf Watch UK, Defenders of Wildlife, Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Centre, Wolves of the Rockies, Howling for Wolves and Howling for Justice and the Red Wolf Coalition and the many other conservation trusts and other sites who wish to protect these beautiful and misunderstood animals.
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