That Time Again

Posted on Dec 18, 2012


That time again when
people go nuts
Spending what they don’t
have to keep mouths shut
To see happy faces
all around
And to be allowed to
act like the crazy clown

People barge you
in the streets
No season of goodwill
with many you meet
Just angry, stressed faces
everywhere you look
Oh for a fireside, drink
and a good book

When the day comes
a few hours it lasts
All that stress gone
happened so fast
As the turkey still
resides in the oven or fridge
This day you wouldn’t
really want to miss

Back to work for some
the day after
As time spent with family
and friends with their laughter
Disappears in the mists
of time
And another year to wait
for chaos and merry nights

Posted in: Poetry