Pressure Point

Posted on Dec 17, 2012


I awake to a sad world
fast losing hope
Jobs going everywhere
as people struggle to cope

Food prices soar
out-pricing those on the breadline
As they eat scraps
and the rich eat very fine

Wars increase all over
and the far right rise once again
As politicians turn their backs
in the shadows they do blend

Madmen in America
shoot the innocent with fish eyes
As a president says words
of anger, hopefully not lies

Sadness everywhere you look
and many losing faith
In our governments and religion
it’s us they always betray

It can only go one way
and I hope it doesn’t in my lifetime
For a world war could be coming
humanities worst crime

Pray that someone does right
and this doesn’t come to pass
Or we’re all doomed
just look at the echoes of the past

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