Ban the Gun

Posted on Dec 16, 2012


Another shooting takes innocent lives
Yet nothing is done every time
Children now taken away
When will the people and politicians awake?

Bullets and blood litter everywhere
By a killer who doesn’t care
Who obviously needed help
Now he resides in hell

It’s not the gun but the killer they say
Yet without the gun, no killer can slay
It needs to be banned and with immediate effect
Before another comes along when you least expect

This the fault of you and I
As this bloodbath increases and time passes by
More will come, mark my words
As the innocents cries go unheard

Ban the gun, prevent the problem
Ban it now, then it’s gone
Ban the gun before it’s too late
Don’t other innocents be betrayed
*For all those affected by gun crime in the world and especially those in the news of late in Connecticut, my heart goes out to you all.

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