Posted on Dec 13, 2012


I wonder at the purpose of it all
as the morning alarm clock calls
What is the purpose paying pennies
to pay bills, left without any

What purpose the way we keep time
as day crosses into night
What purpose of the working day
when all governments us betray

What purpose of drugs legal or not
it’s downhill all the way, in sets the rot
What purpose of drinking alone
not socialising, but at home

What purpose of anger, sadness and tears
why do we smile or fear?
what purpose of hate and jealousy
aren’t we all the same, you and me?

What purpose of our lives
if there’s a god, why does he hide?
What purpose of war or religion
when all innocents are caught in the middle

What purpose of money and wealth
In sets the seed where evil is felt
What purpose love when unrequited
maybe we are all short-sighted

What purpose of existence at all
no edge of the world over which we’ll fall
What purpose of purpose, I don’t even now
I’m like the rest, like a river I just flow

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