Nothin’ but Myself

Posted on Dec 8, 2012


Had enough of paying bills
The daily grind
and fast food meals
The few hours snatched
if time
Before sleep
and work by nine

All the stuff
that cloys our lives
Gathering dust
in which we abide
Rules and regulations
keep us down
Daily in them
we do drown

I just want to
move on
For here I don’t
Never have, never
Time here indeed
will kill

Many places I
wish to be
By many mountains
and clear blue sea
A life of academia
in history too
Nothin’ but myself
to find me true

For I don’t know
who I am
Long searched
as much as I can
Know I’m meant for
more than this
Still waiting for
destiny’s kiss

I know you’re out
waiting to be found
Waiting for my
feet to walk on your ground
I’m coming, so embrace
me so
Call loud and clear
so I’ll know

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