The Pier and the Beach

Posted on Dec 5, 2012


Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier by Darren Greenidge

The water laps up at the pebbled beach
Not far from laughing, running feet
The water cold but still enjoyed
From the workers to the unemployed

The pier and the beach work as one
Wanting people to have their fun
Kicking pebbles in the sea
Children play make-believe

Screams of joy are heard from afar
As people pass by in cars
Envying those who are free
Oh how they wish they had leave

Even on a cold winter’s day
As the sun shines on the play
The sun and the chill awaken the soul
Taking you away from the dark hole

To the pier and the beach you shall return
To recharge your spirit that is burned
For there is nothing quite like it
This a part of the human spirit

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