I’m still here!

Posted on Nov 20, 2012


Hello all,

Just a short note really to say I’ve not been snatched away by aliens or the government, that I’m alive and well.
I’ve had many technology problems for the past month which has been frustrating, especially where my laptop is concerned.
Don’t get me started with my phone and television as they’ve been going nuts as well!
I swear it’s a conspiracy…
I’ve had them all two years almost to the day and they all go down on me at almost the same time as well.
Strange that or is it that strange? Maybe technology is designed to break after two years so we buy spare parts, pay for repairs and keep people in work and the economy going or am I being paranoid here?
A few think the same as me.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I’ve been out of the loop the past month as well as trying to finish a novel I started in 1996 as an idea, that I’m glad to say I’m near the finishing line thank god. All I have to do after is edit it, design a cover and publish it, probably selling my soul to that ole’ devil Kindle for my first novel, just to see how it goes…

I’ve written down well over 600 poetry titles/ideas as well as close to 60 for stories so I haven’t been idol.

I hope that you’ve all been well and life has been good to you.
I shall be back very soon now!

Rant over,