Autumn Call

Posted on Oct 13, 2012


Waking to the sun shining
in my window
I look out to a misty haze
that nature does show
For a show is what she puts
on indeed
Every autumn for us all
shedding colourful leaves

Cobwebs in the bushes
glitter like diamonds
I remember these as a kid
walking to school seeing millions
Wrapped up tight in gloves
and scarf’s
Whilst the sun shined down
and we played and laughed

The mist shrouds fields
and building alike
As a man disappears
through it on his bike
It engulfs the river
like a blanket
And the people who
are setting stalls for market

I think I’ll go now
and disappear myself
Into the welcoming
autumn call I’ll melt
The all enveloping
October mist
Swallows me up
Away from life’s twists

Posted in: Poetry