Five Years

Posted on Oct 7, 2012


So it’s been five years
since you’ve been gone
Taken away in the
mourning birdsong
There you were
sitting there
Seemingly sleeping
in your chair

I remember that day
so clear
Being woke up
my gut feeling fear
Knowing deep down
what was there
Not wanting to find
out as I walked down the stairs

I remember being
in shock
Staring into space
my body shook
It didn’t seem real
like a bad dream
I didn’t want to
be a part of this scene

For weeks after I
felt lost and confused
You were taken
too early, too soon
Even though you
reached a good age
There was still so
much for you to do and say

A few weeks later
a child was born
Who you would’ve loved
Now two others are
here on this earth
I wish you’d seen them
from you they could’ve learned

We all miss you so
very much
Firm, fair and funny
you were very much loved
I try not to think
on you too much at all
For it hurts me
and my empty soul

I hope where you
are now you look on us all
Especially the one
you left behind in lonely walls
She cries for you
most days and nights
You were her life
But out were switched the lights

Five years but
not forgotten

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