That’s the Plan

Posted on Oct 1, 2012


She’s had a lot of ideas
Far too many she fears
She just wants to do so much
Suddenly all is a rush

Leaving things till later
Is the way for her
She doesn’t mean to be this way
Lacks self-discipline but hey

She’ll get there, this she knows
As her ambitions continue to grow
She just needs motivation of sorts
That’s the plan and train of thought

Time ticks on and so does her dream
Lost a year already, what could’ve been?
Collected information sits on the side
Gathering dust tonight

Tomorrow though she’ll start it all
Deadlines to complete for this fool
She berates herself as she must
Even herself she can’t really trust

But she thrives under pressure
Even though she hates it in equal measure
And all will be done at the last minute again
Who’s she trying to kid and pretend?

Posted in: Poetry