Experience Required

Posted on Sep 26, 2012


Another grey day starts
Of life she feels apart
No job and bills to pay
In this place she has to stay

Flicking through the appointment ad’s
She sees nothing, just jobs so bad
All part-time and low paid
Taken advantage of these days

She goes on the net to see what’s there
Quite the opposite but just as bare
She either has to move away
Or her ideals she’ll have to betray

Most ask for experience required
If you have that then you’re hired
But if not then you have no chance
How can you achieve this if not allowed a lance?

So annoyed she is in these tough times
Made to feel she has committed some crime
All she wants is a job to enjoy
To pay her bills but no-one will employ

A hundred plus people apply for a simple job
She applies, turned down and feels robbed
What can she do as the bills mount up?
Can’t take anymore, she’s had enough

How do you get experience if no-one will take you?
Do these people actually have a clue?
She thinks not otherwise they’d take the risk
To train people up, opportunities missed

She just wants to up and go
Had enough of this terrible show
She feels like the jokes on her
Is this how it’s gonna be, always burned?

She has to believe though all will come right
That something good is in close sight
For if she doesn’t then she will fall
Left for the beasts to rip and maul

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