Lonely Beach

Posted on Sep 25, 2012


The rocks jut out of the sand
Black boulders on a golden beach
Standing alone proud and grand
Oh if they could talk and teach

No-one walks here today
No lonely walker with their dog
All shelter from grey skies than play
In front of a fire with burning logs

The lonely beach misses them all
On these days of blustery rain
It sends out a hollow call
To its friend the sea who takes its grains

For the sea is never lonely, abundant with life
So much it has for company
It moves and plays and angers sometimes
But unlike the beach it’s always free

Sometimes an artist comes to sit and stare
Sometimes they’ll draw or paint
They feel at one when together there
Like an extension of the sands grains

But today the beach stays alone
Except for a few gulls who visit
The sea comes in to give and take home
All that it sees and carries with it

Posted in: Poetry