I Miss

Posted on Sep 23, 2012


I miss my Nan, her life so hard
I miss times of which she was a part
I miss my Granddad I barely knew
I miss grandparents that weren’t true
I miss another Granddad, Irish he was
I miss him geeing his horse
I miss My uncle taken away
I miss the games we did play
I miss his twin, My father he was
I miss the times we sadly lost
I miss friends of which there are many
I miss them all, stories aplenty
I miss one, in the navy he was
I miss his stories of the war and the sad cost
I miss my friend, he played guitar great
I miss his humour and mind, my mate
I miss his journalist stories he did tell
I miss his drunken spider-walk of hell
I miss my Irish friend, like a brother he was
I miss his friendly way, me the lost cause
I miss the talks we used to have
I miss his wisdom, what we had

I miss them all and more besides
I miss them and love them with pride
I miss what could’ve and should’ve been
Taken too early, left torn heartstrings
I miss them all with a heavy heart
From them my memories shan’t part

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