I Miss Ireland

Posted on Sep 23, 2012


I miss Ireland green and pure
Where I should’ve been born
The past sings in my mind
My third I hope soon to find

It fills my heart with happiness
Replacing that cold emptiness
That clutches my heart here
Where I live in shallowness and fear

I miss the pubs happy noise
Mixing with the mad girls and boys
Listening to the fiddle player in the bar
The voice of an angel carries with all her heart

From Dublin to Kilkenny I have lived
Both these places I do miss
But Kinsale and Dingle stole my heart
Cork and Kerry I hope for a new start

Both have beauty beyond compare
Not just girls who are beautiful and fair
Food, drink and warm welcomes
This land of a thousand beautiful suns

I miss my family and friends so
Happy days did come and go
A different life I did have
Mostly good, little was bad

One day soon I shall return
Within my soul it does burn
But for now my eyes wander elsewhere
To a mistress in awe I hungrily stare

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