Tepid Waters

Posted on Sep 18, 2012


Into tepid water she does step
Scared of the lines she’s been fed
From a hard-working background she comes
Always told to do her sums
Also that work is more important
Focus on that, not on dreamy plans
But one day she finally broke
Job’s going nowhere, it became a joke
Not many options did she see
Stuck in a circle no way to be
Then one day she saw an ad
About a course and fun to be had
Thinking all the years she had worked
Nothing really achieved or learned
So she wrote of and made some calls
No more would she be the fool
Time to take a better risk
For the life she has missed
But fear still slows her down
Her parents disapproval and their frowns
This will always be so
For into tepid waters she steps
Her unhappy past left behind to forget
She’ll have to ignore it, places to go

Posted in: Poetry