Targets and Deadlines

Posted on Sep 16, 2012


Fed up he is with the rat-race
Pressure from all sides
If it isn’t work
Then it’s his private life

Everywhere he turns
People want from him evermore
He wonders what’s the point
What is it all for?

For twenty-five years now
He’s been working for low pay
Nothing is there to show for it
Taken by those that ruin his day

Bills, taxes and necessities
All have to be paid
Is this what life’s about?
Is this his fate?

Dreams don’t put food on the table
This he was once told
Does that mean you should give up?
Be like others cold?

It’s all about targets and deadlines
From school until you die
Seems to be no escape
Nowhere you can hide

He feels like a free slave
But one that still has chains
Controlled, monitored, watched
It all drives him insane

To be free and away from it all
This he would love to do
Escape to the mountains by the sea
Where he could be himself true

But he can’t see this happening
As he’s trapped where he is
He’ll just have to find a way
To escape and achieve his bliss

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