Posted on Sep 15, 2012


She’s home after a long day
But it isn’t over yet
Got her kickboxing classes
Which helps her to forget

Time kicks on though
As the clock ticks by
She decides to leave it
Falling asleep early tonight

Then a week flies by quick
And another before she knows it
Hasn’t been back since
Dealing with inner conflict

Like everything she does
Way too early she gives up
Starts something amazing
Then leaves it unfinished she does

Art classes, her novel, cookery
These things she did stop
Left in the middle doing well
These things now do rot

If only she had kept them up
What could’ve been?
Where would she now be?
What could she have seen?

She walks by an advert
For Archery lessons
Maybe she’ll give it a go?
Just try a few sessions…

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